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Health insurance plans for immigrant parents over 65 years?

I'll sponsor my parents to live in the US. They'll come with a green card, and they'll be over 65 years old, and they won't work. I am starting my research on health insurance, and I have some questions. 1) I've heard of a "bridge program" for immigrants that they can have until their are citizens. Then being citizens they could be eligible for Medicare. Is that right? 2) Can they ever be eligible for Medicare? 3) Are there insurance companies specifically for immigrants over 65 years old? 4) Where should I start searching for health insurance options?

asked Mar 15 '12 at 18:09

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This "bridge program" you are referring to is essentially an international health plan for inbound immigrants. It is a different marketing ploy by the insurance companies that sell international and travel health insurance. There are usually limits in the maximum payable benefits, pre-existing condition exclusions and lengthy waiting periods. Once an immigrant has had permanent resident status for five years, they can buy into Medicare Part A and Part B. The current buy-in rate for Medicare Part A is currently over $400 per month, per person. They can then add Medicare Part B for an additional monthly premium payment. You can search for companies that offer international health insurance, or the "bridge program", by doing an internet search for these product lines. There are several companies offering this type of coverage, such as Multi-National Underwriters, IHI Bupa, HTH Worldwide and International Medical Group.

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answered Mar 15 '12 at 18:09

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