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Discount auto insurance for disabled

I am 30-year old and am disabled. Sure, I still can drive, But I am not able to work anymore. I do not drive much, only about 40 miles a week.

Can I pay less on auto insurance because I'm disabled? How much discount can I get on car insurance?

asked Feb 05 '12 at 10:58

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You may not get discount for being disabled. But driving less will bring you cheaper car insurance rates.

The less you drive, the less risk of an accident. Your annual mileage is a rating factor with most car insurance companies. It makes a difference to your car insurance company if your car is a daily commuter car, used once a week for errands, or just a pleasure car used once a month, since the use of your vehicle is a rating factor. Driving in traffic during high risk times compare to Sunday afternoons without traffic shows less risk to an insurance company. You should pay less if your car insurance company takes these factors into consideration when calculating premiums.

But you need to contact your car insurance company and inform them that your situation. Let your auto insurance provider know how the car is being used and the fewer amount of miles that it’s being driven. They will tell you if your premium amount can be lowered. If your car insurance rates don’t drop as much as you’d like with your current insurer, you could find more affordable car insurance.

You may also want to see if one of the pay-as-you-go plans (also known as usage-based insurance or UBI), that a few car insurance carriers have in place, would bring you even better car insurance rates. These plans monitor your driving behavior and reward you with discounts for safe driving and low mileage.

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answered Feb 05 '12 at 11:07

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Tips: How to Pay Less Car Insurance

Although car insurance is a must under the law, there are various methods you can use to pay less premium and gain more protection.

The first thing you should do is to discard the mentality that car insurance is a boring must-do.

Not signing up with the first company you come across. Compare four or five companies or more and pick out the best one. You could use the internet to save your work. By keying in simple information such as your location, age, gender and car details, you can get hold of auto insurance quotes from various companies in a matter of minutes.

Before you proceed to get an online quote, you need to understand how insurance company determine their premium rates so you can work these factors to your advantage. Try to think from the insurance provider's perspective.

  1. Basically, your insurance provider will want customers who are 'low risk'. What this mean is you need to convince your insurance company that you are a careful driver who are not likely to make a claim. Also, insurance company need to assess how much they likely need to pay you if you do make a claim.
  2. Also, the more frequent you use your vehicle and the mileage you go, the more likely you are to be involved in a car crash, as far as your insurance company are concerned. Even the neighborhood you reside in can play a role. Staying in a safe suburb rather than the city slump can reflect in your premium quote too, due to lower possibility of theft and vandalism.

A big mistake made by the majority of car owners is buying and forgetting about their car insurance policy. Your car insurance provider will slowly get a clearer picture of what kind of driver you are and your 'riskiness' could have decrease since the time you sign up for the policy, especially if you have been maintaining a clean record. Overtime, you may be eligible for discounts that is not made available to you before. To see if you qualify for such discounts, make a review of your policy with your insurance provider every year.

These are only some of the things you can look into to get a better premium rate. In fact, there are many more details you can work on to secure a better quote. The key is to be an informed consumer and adopting a proactive approach to car auto insurance.

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