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urgent care without health insurance?

How much is urgent care without health insurance?

asked Feb 17 '12 at 19:28

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Urgent care may cost as low as $50 to $150 - that will cover the fee for the urgent care center. This is usually for basic care for a non-catastrophic condition. Also, this does not include any medicines or tests that may be needed.

Please take note that urgent care is different from emergency care.

Emergency rooms in hospitals will usually give priority to really serious cases. Those who may be in need of urgent yet non-life-threatening conditions may have to wait in the emergency room for a long time before they can get treatment since the doctors will finish treating those who need immediate care.

This is in contrast with urgent care centers, where the queues are shorter and you can also be assured of getting quality medical treatment.

Mind you, emergency room care is usually more expensive than urgent care services. By getting into an urgent care facility, you can save on time and expense.

Urgent care centers are recommended for minor fractures, sprains and strains, minor or small cuts and infections, rashes, minor burns, sore throats or urinary tract infections.

Sometimes called "doc in a box", urgent care facilities are manned by doctors, nurses and assistants who can serve your urgent but non-life-threatening need. They can dispense prescriptions and do basic lab work and x-rays. However, in contrast with emergency rooms (that is required to be open 24/7), urgent care facilities only have extended hours and the private nature of urgent care facilities give their operators the right to set their own operating hours.

However, it is necessary for you to get into the emergency room if you know you have a life-threatening condition, when you vomit or cough blood, which includes uncontrolled bleeding, chest or abdominal pain, pain that is sudden or severe, you have difficulty breathing, continuous diarrhea, spinal injuries or major burns. You should not try to scrimp and go to an urgent care facility if these are the symptoms that you have.

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answered Feb 17 '12 at 19:28

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The cost of urgent care without health insurance varies from place to place and is dependent on what kind of treatment or services you require. However, if you have a non-fatal injury or illness, the urgent care clinics or walk-in clinic costs are a much cheaper alternative than going to the emergency room.

If you are not in immediate danger of death, a trip to the urgent care clinic will not just be cheaper (we are talking potentially huge amounts of money), it will also probably be a much quicker one. However, having some form of insurance coverage is still your best option.

How can I best afford an emergency room or urgent care visit without insurance?

Emergency rooms have become incredibly overcrowded, primarily because of people going for reasons that are definitely not emergencies. Car accidents, heart attacks, falling down or up stairs, being bitten by a rabid dog—those are definitely emergencies.

If you are visiting for a cold or flu or another non-life threatening illness, you should expect your urgent care costs to be somewhere between $50 and $100. If you need tests, that will cost you a bit more, of course.

If you are worried about how much is urgent care for a one time visit then one option is to go to a clinic with cash. Sometimes, if you can pay fees upfront, you can absolutely get a discount on your bill. They are often happy to do this because they know you will be one less patient they could potentially have to hunt down for payment.

Urgent care costs without insurance can be a burden on patients and thus some clinics and doctor’s offices alike occasionally have free samples of medications, but you may very well have to pay for your own prescriptions. However, some urgent care facilities—particularly those that are specifically focused on the uninsured – may have their own pharmacies where you can purchase some medications at good discounts.

What are my urgent care options?

So how much does urgent car cost without insurance? Know that there are always many different local options for quality health care even if you do not have health insurance. There are often free community clinics that provide urgent care with nor insurance as well as primary, general care. If you think that you are not eligible for health care because maybe you make too much money to get aid and too little to pay for quality health care, think again. Most of these clinics charge based on sliding scales, so that people pay what they are able to afford to get the care they need.

Your local Planned Parenthood, for example, would be a far better place to go if you were a female with a UTI than the emergency room. You will be seen sooner, have a quicker appointment, and will most likely be charged based on what you can pay (make sure to bring a pay stub).

While urgent care clinics are predominately used for occasional care for a specific problem, some people are sometimes able to make their urgent care clinic their regular doctor (to go there for regular, periodic physicals, for example). This is not necessarily recommended. The quality of care is not the same, and doctors may rotate in and out of these clinics more often, but it can be an option.

When should I choose an emergency room over urgent care?

The main thing to remember is that it is always going to be in your best interest to use emergency rooms for true emergencies only, or for serious problems that cannot wait until a more appropriate healthcare opens in the morning. The overcrowding and long waits at emergency rooms have become a problem throughout the country. We can all do our part to lessen that problem, even if we do have health insurance.

If you think you may be coming down with something serious and are afraid of what it may cost to go to the emergency room, go to the urgent care clinic as soon as you can. The cost of urgent care without insurance will be much cheaper and also likely quicker. Because most people who use the emergency room for illnesses usually wait until the illness has really progressed, they are far sicker and require more care that is more expensive. It is the whole “an ounce of prevention” thing; if you go to the clinic earlier on, you can save your self time, frustration and money.

If you are considering urgent care because you don’t believe that you can afford health insurance, you owe it to your self to look into the costs. There are many kinds of affordable health care options, though, and it does not have to be impossible for you to find one that offers what you are looking for.

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answered Jul 06 '12 at 23:29

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urgent care in oregon is about 80 for the visit and seems to be 20 for most tests. So, I would bet less than 120. It's much cheaper than the emergency room, may be cheaper than your doctor, and is far cheaper than secondary infections or problems caused by the infection spreading. Meanwhile, drink A LOT of cranberry juice, and water. You may also want to soak in the bath. I felt that way when I was pregnant also.

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answered Jul 06 '12 at 23:28

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With Insurance I pay zero for urgent care; Without Insurance the cost could be 500.00 and up.

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answered Jul 06 '12 at 23:32

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My experience with Urgent care put my family in a dangerous financial situation. Previously, we were uninsured, and have had treatment costing $120. We have a bit of cash saved up, but struggle from month to month.

Recently, my wife got some really bad and expensive insurance.. when we were both there for problems, we were asked if we had insurance. We provided it of course.

We received a bill from our insurance company today.. looks like the clinic charged the insurance company 200 each, and of course we did not meet our deductible. Our total is 400 vs 240 if we paid in cash. Of course the clerk did not mention that they charge the insurance company any more than if we paid in cash... What's wrong with this system??

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answered Jan 12 '13 at 22:34

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