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Will full coverage car insurance cover items stolen from my car?

Does car insurance policy cover items stolen from the car? What about if I have full coverage? What are covered if someone breaks into my car?

asked Feb 16 '12 at 23:49

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What's Auto Insurance Covered When Someone Breaks Into Your Car? Damages due to theft will be covered under Comprehensive coverage Under most auto insurance policies. So check your auto policy to see if you have Comprehensive coverage first.

Common items that are stolen include: Car stereos Cell phones CDs Laptops Small electronics Wallets or purses

Typically only car stereos would be covered by your auto insurance policy, and even those aren't guaranteed to be covered. All of the other items would probably be covered by your homeowners (or renters or condo) insurance policy.

In most states, if you have a Progressive policy, it will cover sudden, direct and accidental loss to your vehicle and its custom parts or equipment. Custom parts or equipment are items that are permanently attached or installed to your vehicle. The operative word here is "permanently."

Going back to the statement that your stereo may not be covered, here's why: If you have a stereo that's made so the entire unit (not just the face) can be detached from your vehicle, the stereo would not be considered part of the vehicle, nor would it be considered custom parts or equipment. This is also why the other loose items that are not permanently attached to your vehicle likely would fall under your homeowners policy instead of your auto policy.

If a burglar breaks a window, scratches your door, breaks the lock or does other damage to the vehicle itself, that damage would be covered by Comprehensive coverage. With Comprehensive coverage, you would pay a deductible that you chose when you purchased your policy, and your insurance company would pay for the remaining related damage.

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answered Feb 16 '12 at 23:50

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Check if you have comprehensive car insurance first. If you only have coverage for liability, you can't claim for theft. But when we say "comprehensive", it does not mean it will cover virtually anything or any event.

Here's how the comprehensive coverage goes: Anything that is permanently attached to the car or is part of the car is included in the car insurance policy. For instance, car stereos, steering wheels, rear view mirrors and rims. Anything that is not attached to the car is not covered by the car insurance policy. These are considered personal items and will be covered by either your homeowners insurance or renters insurance.

So if someone breaks your car windows and steals your car stereo, laptop and bag, the car insurance will pay only for the broken windows and the stereo and you should claim against your homeowners policy for lapton and bag.

If you have added car accessories such as new rims, you will need to check that the value of your insurance makes a coverage provision for these. Generally, car accessories that are installed in your car and are permanently attached to it are included in the cover. In contrast, a car accessory such as a CD system or a GPS system, which can be detachable, will not be covered by the comprehensive insurance.

It is good to have proof of loss when you claim. Keep receipts in case when you need to make a claim against a stolen property.

If you only have liability insurance and someone breaks into your car and steals, you can try to go to your homeowners or renters insurance to claim for the loss. However, what may be paid to you will not be the replacement value, unless your homeowners or renters policy is specifically for replacement value. Most homeowners or renters insurance only cover actual cash value with depreciation considered.

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answered Feb 16 '12 at 23:50

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